When yo mama says nobody helps her but you just did the dishes - iFunny :)



  1. Posted by jocelynnlopez95, — Reply

    OMG this is so relatable! Sometimes idk if to leave the dishes there or wash them because either way I’m still gonna be told I’m lazy and don’t do shit cause I “just did the dishes”

  2. Posted by starhunter405, — Reply

    More like you just offered to help 5 minutes earlier and then she starts saying nobody helps around the house and she's basically a maid

  3. Posted by iwishtomeetthemarauders, — Reply

    She says we don’t do anything but we always clean the kitchen and my brother cleans the bathroom. And I cook mine and my brothers breakfast because we wake up late.

  4. Posted by askg29, — Reply

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  5. Posted by prettyflyforaskyguy, — Reply

    When ur mama says nobody helps u but u clean the kitchen 3 times a day bc the boys leave a mess and u sweep and mop every morning and u clean her office and u feed and water all the animals and u straighten the living room and u do the laundry every single day.... Yeah I felt that

  6. Posted by CEOOFEMOJIS, — Reply

    bruh they have the nerve to say "you didn't do anything" when they don't even try to notice you washing dishes 🤧😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😔😔😔👊💀💀💀😂👌💯🔥🔥🔥

  7. Posted by cacacacarhae, — Reply

    When your mom complains about how nobody helps her after she just got done yelling at you for trying to help:

  8. Posted by TheRealElianaValenzuela01, — Reply

    then you try and say you just put up the dishes and she yells at you saying how you are back talking likeeeeee😩

  9. Posted by Just_a_guy246, — Reply

    "Hey mom, want some help?" "No, I got it." *A few minutes later* *this post*

  10. Posted by madisons644, — Reply

    This happens to me all the time. I HATE IT SOOO MUCH!!

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