Pee Pee TeePee Pattern: Sew Something Special with Peekaboo Pages


Boys are Messy - turns out the mess making starts from birth! I whipped up this FREE Pee Pee TeePee Pattern to protect you from baby boy during diaper changes.


  1. Posted by crice812, — Reply

    Also a mom of 3 boys. I lay the clean diaper under the dirty one for pee diapers and just pull the dirty one out back first and wipe them off and the clean one is ready to go.

  2. Posted by bjohnson1961093, — Reply

    I have subscribed for the free pattern for the pee pee teepee pattern and it is not letting me go to where I put in the code for the free pattern BJ please help with this , we have a grandson due in 2 weeks it would be great to make this !

  3. Posted by butterflies0779, — Reply

    Tip from a mom of 3 boys lay a recieving blanket or cloth diaper over babies body a little bunched up is ok, (let baby have one end to hold)have a diaper ready and lay it under the soiled diaper remove soiled diaper quickly wipe soiled bottom. Recieving blanket over boy catches any fountains. When you lay clean bottom on clean diaper you can get everything together quickly. Less mess. And nothing special.

  4. Posted by pin0571, — Reply

    As a mom of 2 boys: maybe just try Elimination Communication.😊

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