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  1. Posted by addybuster2008, — Reply

    Hopefully you change the rest of you kitchen and give it white marble counter tops otherwise it look ugglyyy. (No Offense)

  2. Posted by kcirtapaevs, — Reply

    And then ALL the spills need to be cleaned out of the beautiful edges with a toothbrush. Dust and splash nightmare to clean.

  3. Posted by sac062270, — Reply

    Wow, people are so critical. I admire the idea of what they have done and will tweak it to my linings.

  4. Posted by jaidenpavano, — Reply

    I don’t like the all black, I would add a trim in a lighter color like grey or off white

  5. Posted by sharonreich, — Reply

    What a transformation. This is gorgeous.

  6. Posted by dreamwpassion, — Reply

    Perfect next project! Love it!

  7. Posted by Immostlikelydead, — Reply

    The other cabinets don’t match.

  8. Posted by judsongirl81, — Reply

    What a change! Great job!

  9. Posted by minfo7246, — Reply

    This is nice.....

  10. Posted by skybaca, — Reply

    Nice upgrade

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