Makeup Tutorial: Inspired by 90's Drew Barrymore


I haven't done a tutorial via the medium of this blog...ever I don't think, it's quite hard over writing so I do prefer to do this over on my Youtube channel but I thought I'd give this a try as it's so visual, so here goes!!. As many of you may know I love the 90s and have various idols from the era like say for instance Cindy Crawford, Rayanne Graff and of course Drew Barrymore! If you google the phrase 90s Drew Barrymore the most AMAZING images come up, like this one... I am working on getting this hairstyle so look out for a tutorial on this hopefully soon! I first saw the image that I am doing this tutorial from over of one of my favourite blogs and as soon as I saw it I thought, OMG I HAVE to do a makeup look on this fo'sho! So here it is... Totally bad asssssss riiiiiight! And I love the bra so so much! So let's get started. *boring bit* First apply your base - I use the MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC20, I then conceal under my eye and any blemishes with MAC Select Moisture Cover in NC20 and powder with MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus. Now we're ready for the fun stuff! To get this look I used these products. Urban Decay Naked Palette, Urban Decay Lush Lash Mascara, Bourjois Kohl & Contour Eye Liner, MAC Matte Blush in Harmony, MAC Eyeshadow in Brun (for eyebrows) Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Liner in Cappuccino, Topshop Lipstick in Desert One thing I added before I got started was blush, in the image it looks as if Drew has no blush at all but I wanted to add a slight, matte flush so I used MAC Harmony which is perfect as it's a neutral toned MATTE blush, no shimmer is allowed with this look! If you want something more pink I would suggest MAC Well Dressed, Mocha, Melba or Pink Swoon depending on your favour!  So I have starred the colours I used in the Naked palette and they are Naked, Buck and Darkhorse. I did also prime my eye first with Too Faced Shadow Insurance. So let's get started!  Eyes - Go into Buck with a small blending brush and apply and blend all over the lid. I used the Elf blending brush. - Go into Naked with a large fluffy brush like the Sigma E40 and blend out the crease towards the brow bone. - Go back into Buck with a short, flat shading brush like the Sigma E20 and line the entire length of the bottom of your eye. - Apply your Kohl eyeliner all along the water line and onto the tight line - Then go into Darkhorse with your short shading brush and line the bottom of your eye again but only towards the middle and not all the way. -Apply mascara - Fill in brows as you would normally do I use MAC eyeshadow in Brun and follow my 'natural' brow line although I do create a straight edge with an angled brush. And eyes are done! Now lips -Apply a matt lip butter, my favourite is The Body Shop Coconut Lip Butter or Palmers Coco Butter Dark choc and peppermint. -Line your lips with the Rimmel lip liner in Cappuccino, around the edge and blending towards the middle but DON'T fill all your lips in! -Apply your favourite nude lipstick and blend. I used Topshop's Desert but Creme d'Nude or Myth by MAC would be perfect. -Re-apply the lip liner over the top to create an 'ombre' effect of it being darker round the lip line and lighter in the middle. Refer to early 90's pics of Mary J Blige and TLC for great examples of this! And we are done! What do you think? No smiling in the pic coz I'm all 90's teen angst innit! Do you like the matte, brown look? Do these tutorials work as a blog post? Let me know if you have any ideas that could improve? I reckon images of step by step, but it's all a working progress! Until the next post! Love, love, love,