Keanu Reeves Wears the Same Thing Over and Over—and I Love Him for It


Keanu Reeves has been wearing the same outfits for 30 years, and I think that consistency is something to celebrate.


  1. Posted by skenyon48, — Reply

    I am 71And have always adored and respected Keanu Reeves, He is so sincerely a human being, You never find him not doing something for someone what’s a soul he carries around.

  2. Posted by kidosmom, — Reply

    I have seen him in a blue suit jacket. So not sure what they are talking about. Not in person but on facebook.

  3. Posted by skenyon48, — Reply

    Who cares what he wears, It’s his heart and soul that counts.

  4. Posted by rosiesandroses, — Reply

    He's beautiful

  5. Posted by wyrureadingthis, — Reply

    Young Joseph Stalin

  6. Posted by pgreco01, — Reply

    This man is simply beautiful 💕

  7. Posted by marjorievf, — Reply

    Keanu Reeves

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