I love character meme so much :3 My phone case is


I love character meme so much :3 My phone case is transparent so it’s kinda boring, but it makes an interesting design choice for clothes, haha UPD. I wasn’t the one who created rules of this meme,...


  1. Posted by Pommakki, — Reply

    If I'm not wearing a shirt, do I have to make her bald or transparent hair? Transparent hair sound cool and fucking hard to draw.

  2. Posted by batgirl756, — Reply

    'The Americas'?? Excuse you, they are called South Canada! (I would've even accepted North Montana but nooo~ 😂)

  3. Posted by nyaijan, — Reply

    What if you're not wearing underwear? Asking for a friend-

  4. Posted by azi000, — Reply

    IM NOT WEARING UNDERWEAR EITHER!! guess he gunna be bold and eyeless

  5. Posted by YEEEETSKEEET, — Reply

    What if you have a clear phone case 😳

  6. Posted by azi000, — Reply

    I’m not wearing a T-shit 0-0 guess he gunna be bold

  7. Posted by dragonsareperfect, — Reply

    what if you live in Africa?

  8. Posted by myfathersucks, — Reply

    uh.... my shirt is plaid.... shit.

  9. Posted by Sneep_snorp, — Reply

    that art reminds me of splatoon

  10. Posted by ScreamsInGay, — Reply

    Love those fricken boots lol

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