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  1. Posted by zehawesomepruss, — Reply

    As someone who is laying in bed scrolling through Pinterest with my untouched sketch book lying a few feet away I feel very called out

  2. Posted by ShadowWriter_Artist, — Reply

    I haven’t updated my story in like 9 months, I have a shitload of work to do, but I just got new drawing materials. So guess what I’m gunna do. Draw! Finally!

  3. Posted by clustermo, — Reply

    Nobody: Not a single soul: Half the comments: Hi GuYs I've BeEn WoRkInG SuPeR HaRd On My AcOuN If YoU CoUlD ChEcK It OuT ThAtWoUlD Be AwsOmE I F4F ;))

  4. Posted by postWARamity, — Reply

    This is me right now but I'm pinning on my new "gay pride bash the shame away and love, susy" board and snuggle with my doggy and listen to gentle streams before some aurora so... Add me ^^ 🖤

  5. Posted by SophTheBookworm329, — Reply

    I never used to do this, but quarantine is taking it’s toll on me 😭 my sense of humor is so damaged that I’ll start maniacally laughing at things that aren’t even funny, and literally nothing is interesting. This is boredom to a whole new level 😭

  6. Posted by aroobkhan111, — Reply

    When I'm busy I always think about doing something really cool and productive But when I actually do get some free time I'm just one lazy ass

  7. Posted by Silly_Little_Creature, — Reply

    I'm doing this now. I should go take a shower and do my assignments while listening to music to draw later. I'm procrastinating. Again. I will fix it very soon.

  8. Posted by Sophia_Samayoa, — Reply

    Yep I have coloured pencils and markers at the end of my bed and my sketchbook too... well I scrolll through Pinterest how do they know me so well?

  9. Posted by forestteeeea, — Reply

    Tip, I just did this and finished my digital art : listen to music that vibes w u, look at inspo of what ur doing and think abt what u will ACTUALLY do

  10. Posted by LemonheadTheFirst, — Reply

    Haha, jokes on you, I lay in bed because I want to and because it IS what I enjoy (not sleeping, I just like continuing the storyline in my head, which I guess is doing something... meh)

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