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  1. Posted by kennabean240, — Reply

    We love a hippie queeeeen. I love watching women with natural hair style their hair. It’s so amazing and they are soooo talented omg!

  2. Posted by kraziibabii, — Reply

    I tried the hairband trick and it slips off at some point in the day. Is it soposted to be wrapped on top of you head like a crownm I think I had it too low

  3. Posted by lexihalm20, — Reply

    Hey does anyone know what she cut and put around her hair that held it. Like was it a hair tie or headband or what?

  4. Posted by vergetter2, — Reply

    What exactly did she use as her hair tie? I can never get my hair as sleek and as tight as her with a normal hair tie.

  5. Posted by bubbl3fan, — Reply

    For all of you confused about how us black girls do our hair, it's just beauty and patience 😌✨🙌🏾

  6. Posted by likeacheerio, — Reply

    If you think I got time for this in the morning you are sorely mistaken. Cute hairdo tho

  7. Posted by yazalisantos, — Reply

    Ficou bonita, mas eu prefiro aquele laço pra trás, não pra frente nos ombros. Só isso mesmo

  8. Posted by sweetttea7, — Reply

    Once my hair gets longer oH ALL YOU BITCHES AND NIGGAS GON BE DEAD

  9. Posted by powbackup, — Reply

    I’m not sure all kinky textures can get away with that.

  10. Posted by majalnimmons, — Reply

    Can someone tell me the name of that song? Please! I love it and the style!

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