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Welcome To Serenity Print Art Store, We offer you high quality fika dijital print. This definition poster will upgrade your modern home/office decor. It can also be a good gift idea (gift for her/gift for him/ birthday gift) for a special friend. We offer different sizes but if you want to order


  1. Posted by tamsin, — Reply

    Fika is actually an afternoon snack. Which personally, I am all for. The other thing I’m all for is doing a little minimal research into something before selling word definition poster of it. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  2. Posted by DaddyTasty, — Reply

    I’m Swedish and fika actully means when everyone stops in the afternoon to eat cardomenrolls and coffee

  3. Posted by KitschyKritter, — Reply

    Not to be confused with FICA, the fucking tax deducted from my paycheck. 😆

  4. Posted by luciuswright, — Reply

    Hmm in Portuguese Fica, same pronunciation, means "stay"

  5. Posted by veewestcoast, — Reply

    In Hungarian, it means Booger😂

  6. Posted by saaptali, — Reply

    In hindi it means tasteless

  7. Posted by pauite19560, — Reply

    Hey I saw this quote at Ikea.. LMAO

  8. Posted by ceciliasing, — Reply

    it means coffee

  9. Posted by anonymous_neverever, — Reply

    Fika means bugger in hungarian

  10. Posted by POESIAARTEMITOS, — Reply

    We all need to do that!

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