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ShopStyle Look by Briannamd44 featuring Wall-Mounted Live Plant Glass Terrarium and HotelSpa Adjustable Drill-Free Slide Bar with 48-setting Shower Head Combo and Height Extension Arm Bedding


  1. Posted by barbara03140106, — Reply

    Unless this is in a warm climate, people don’t realize that really large showers look great, but you get cold if you’re not always under the water.

  2. Posted by kingmichael158, — Reply

    I think the natural skylight in this shower works because during the day it provides good amount of light and during the night it can still work because if there's a full moon you can still see without the recessed lights on. If need them on because you can't see they also provide good amount of light.

  3. Posted by markmakary, — Reply

    What's the point of Pinterest if no one knows info on the source of photos and where to get this?

  4. Posted by cbellwhite, — Reply

    Love this shower! Hiya Nick! Miss you on InColor but understand!

  5. Posted by jrwv127, — Reply

    What is the color of the tile on the walls? Love it!! Where did you purchase it?

  6. Posted by soulandsourcestore, — Reply

    Dream shower! Would love to have it in my home )

  7. Posted by mfmcmunms, — Reply

    Love this!❤️

  8. Posted by markmakary, — Reply

    Can anyone provide info on where to get something similar to do this?

  9. Posted by siss0115, — Reply

    The boujie way to shower

  10. Posted by ashleylm4k, — Reply

    That looks so cool!!

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