DIY Drop Cloth Curtains- 2 Ways


DIY Drop cloth curtains are a great budget-friendly solution for the perfect farmhouse look. They are inexpensive and very easy to make. NO SEWING REQUIRED


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    FYI - be aware that NOT ALL DROP CLOTHES ARE THE SAME. I bought four of the same size and brand, only to find when I opened them that three had seams running width wise, and one running length wise. Plus two had major sewing flaws (I will have to darn them as I’m unable to return.) Not sure how to make sure this doesn’t happen without opening them in the store. 🤷‍♀️

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    Easy, inexpensive, no sew, DIY farmhouse drop cloth curtains styled 2 different ways! #curtains #farmhouse #Diyhomedecor

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    Lisa Manning I made these for Jill’s house. Be prepared to have a lot of lent when you’re making them.

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    Now you are on the rite track

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    Where I can buy the hooks?

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    DIY farmhouse decore

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    Drop cloth curtains

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    Drop Cloth Curtains

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