Cake Mix Cookies - Dinner at the Zoo


These cake mix cookies are a 5 ingredient dessert that can be made in tons of different flavors and decorated for any occasion.


  1. Posted by djeam1626, — Reply

    These were so sweet! My kids loved making them, eating them and leaving some for Santa, but the were way too sweet for me.

  2. Posted by auntoftwoangles, — Reply

    These did not turn out so great for me. They wouldn’t get into ball form and my sprinkles turn them pink! 😳

  3. Posted by eliwhite333, — Reply

    I would add a little less veggie oil next time because they were a bit flat but they taste amazing!

  4. Posted by carolinesappey, — Reply

    Very good! You will need more than 3/4c of sprinkles. I used close to 1 1/2 c

  5. Posted by hope351980, — Reply

    I just love Christmas

  6. Posted by laishaschoen, — Reply

    Amazing,,, yummy

  7. Posted by petercomey, — Reply

    Look yummy 😛

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