Bee and Butterfly Waterer


Turn a dinner plate into a pretty Bee & Butterfly Waterer in minutes with easy to find supplies


  1. Posted by janegingras5, — Reply

    Do you garden Jennifer Smith lol, I make these and water fresh every morning, not to deep, and dump any water left over at night, sooooo 🦟's cannot breed, geesh, 🙄

  2. Posted by bgraynangela, — Reply

    Can’t we all just get’s called the circle of life, and mosquito’s are just part of God’s great plan.

  3. Posted by rfresilience11, — Reply

    Just grow lemon grass or lemon balm by it. Natural mosquito repellent. Adorable idea and I’m making one 😊

  4. Posted by radarcosmo, — Reply

    What kind of Stand will you use ? I’m trying to figure one out for for my project

  5. Posted by letam210, — Reply

    This looks very cool. A Great idea I think I will make one of these

  6. Posted by letam210, — Reply

    Great idea and cute

  7. Posted by jenninslc, — Reply

    AKA a mosquito breeder. 🤣

  8. Posted by mamajo089, — Reply

    Keeps bees from feeders

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