How To Start Studying Japanese


Studying Japanese might seem impossible, but with these six tips you can easily start studying Japanese. Find out how now...


  1. Posted by gohanpls, — Reply

    Wait but how to do a "di" ?, i wanna write my name in japanese cuz iam learning it right now but i cont finde the d and now iam sad:(

  2. Posted by thisisdiyor, — Reply

    Does anybody want to learn Japanese together? I think it will be more interesting

  3. Posted by milkygcf_, — Reply

    i already know korean letters so this is confusing now😭

  4. Posted by mdragonex, — Reply

    Where is Bi?

  5. Posted by ino_hyyh_, — Reply


  6. Posted by andreaq2823, — Reply

    Which one am I suppose to learn first this one or hiragana

  7. Posted by fluffshiiix, — Reply

    But what's the difference from katakana "a" and hiragana "a" ?

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