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Pallet beds are of great interest because they are useful, long-lasting and suitable for every style. Here are the beautiful pallet bed ideas.


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  2. Posted by nuriramadhan, — Reply

    This bedroom idea can be emulated for those who have a narrow room, maybe for those who live in a boarding house or apartment. The bedroom is quite simple, you need a wood pallet to make your mattress higher. I also like the wall shelves as a place to put decorations so the bedroom is not monotonous. 👏👌

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    I've seen it a lot. Well, I can say it's good and bad in the same time. Or, subjectively, I like and dislike it. The case is simple, I like it because it's unique but in other way it's not stylist. And like this one, the pallet bed frame too big for the bed. Also, I heard it's not as cheap as I expected. 😥

  5. Posted by laighla0435, — Reply

    this is so cute and unique! i’m debating if i should do this and get rid of my loft or not, idk if my parents will let me!😬😂

  6. Posted by hannahfifield5, — Reply

    Omg I really wanna do this!! im doing the wood pallet frame but sadly my cealing is slanted so I cant do the shelves :(

  7. Posted by interiorfurniturerumah, — Reply

    the product is very good, we are inspired by the product, hopefully we can have it as soon as possible, thank you

  8. Posted by lukepeterreid, — Reply

    Ngl ur asking to get some mad splinters and wood lice

  9. Posted by IvxnGG, — Reply

    Looks great! But imagine trying to clean under there?

  10. Posted by gabriellabircann, — Reply

    Omg the dogs caught my attention

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