4 Pack - Purple Flowering Vitex, Chaste, Texas Lilac Trees or Bushes


Bundle of 4 individual vitex trees or bushes, also called chaste tree and Texas Lilac Tree. I grow them in quart containers. Superfast grower. Will grow an average of 3-5 feet a year. Free Shipping!! Bloom all summer long and will mature 10-15 feet. Prune into a tree or leave alone and let grow as a large bush. Zone 6-10 Vitex is named a Texas Superstar. What’s a Texas Superstar® ? Texas Superstars are vetted for Texas consumers. The decision as to which plants are highlighted in Texas Superstar® marketing campaigns is made by the Texas Superstar® Executive Board. The Executive Board’s decision as to which plants should be highlighted is primarily based upon observations made at replicated plots and demonstration trials across the state. In some cases, recommendations made by university horticulturists in other southern states are also considered. Because ornamental plant performance can be rather subjective, the board gathers as much input as possible from competent horticulturists who understand the importance of both landscape performance and marketability. Another important factor considered when selecting plants for educational and marketing campaigns is whether sufficient numbers of plants can be produced to meet the increased consumer demand generated by Texas Superstar® efforts.