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  1. Posted by tiagovcds, — Reply

    Haven't anyone else ever seen a capybara before? They're like the world's most peaceful rodent. I've seen one chilling with dogs, cats and even alligators, a natural predator

  2. Posted by haileydigirolamo, — Reply

    Is it just me or does this remind anyone else of Jabba the Hutt

  3. Posted by faithkusterer, — Reply

    I have a cute little guinea pig named Zoey 🥰

  4. Posted by jjangelina1, — Reply

    I love this so much words cannot describe😍❤

  5. Posted by izzitetterton, — Reply

    He is the sun king. All hail Louis XIV.

  6. Posted by npreiner, — Reply

    Until the fire nation attacked 😂

  7. Posted by lmarie2005, — Reply

    The king of all peacefulness

  8. Posted by mandiekearns, — Reply

    I WANT ONE!!!!!

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