32 Wholesome And Funny Animal Pictures


Got the same face as all of us.


  1. Posted by joaneswain, — Reply

    And dog decides it’s time to skeedaddle on outta there. Can you blame him??? Excellent photo though! My husband accidentally turned our leaf blower on in the house and our two cats disappeared!

  2. Posted by calliesteinhebel7524, — Reply

    If nobody else chocked on the food when they saw this then are you even human?! Im dying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (not for real i swear im fine!!πŸ˜…)

  3. Posted by asosa67439188, — Reply

    Jah jah, I love it. Poodles is like.... Screw this, the belly rubs are not worth this crap!πŸ˜„πŸ˜βœŒοΈ.

  4. Posted by twilightrasical, — Reply

    Lawnmover made it so much better

  5. Posted by feefee_the_retarded_flea, — Reply

    i have to agree, kudos to the brother!! this is by FAR the best picture on the internet

  6. Posted by aglay1120, — Reply

    God bless that brother

  7. Posted by reggiestr, — Reply

    Now it’s a fantastic picture!

  8. Posted by ehp80209, — Reply

    Are tou implying that this picture isnt nice?

  9. Posted by reisha_dyes, — Reply

    I lost it! Oh, what an awesome capture.

  10. Posted by lillianw1815, — Reply

    what are u talking about?! that is a nice photo!

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