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30 quick, delicious, and healthy breakfast ideas for weight loss. Whip up one of these healthy breakfast recipes to power up your morning.


  1. Posted by lexiangelo2307, — Reply

    Why do 12 year old girls think 96lbs is heavy and really overweight I’m 116 pounds and I’m 12 I’m trying to loose weight! But 96lbs is in range of average weight for our age! You don’t have to be skinny or have a body like Instagram models or be what society wants you to be!

  2. Posted by girlgroupstans101, — Reply

    Hey I’m 13 and I don’t wanna lose weight:) and I love my self! <3 for those girls who are being body shamed remember! U are u and don’t let anyone change that!

  3. Posted by dibya1736, — Reply

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  4. Posted by sandyodin7, — Reply

    Hey y’all, I’m seeing things about people posting about them wanting to loose weight, not only is food contributing to loosing weight it actually helps you gain muscle, especially if you work out before you eat these! I’m a highschool athlete and this is my breakfast!

  5. Posted by poppy04569, — Reply

    I’m a 13 year old girl and I were shirts size 8 years (which means there for 8 year olds ) but I feel fat and don’t like my body thanks for this delicious resipy it really helps me to feel better with what I have for breakfast 😄😁

  6. Posted by guadalupeacevedo17, — Reply

    Hi I’m 12 and I personally have been body shamed by society and sometime body shame myself because I weigh 200 lbs. I have been trying to lose weight since I was 10 but I keep doubting myself. The people who are leaving beautiful comments, thank you. All of you guys make me happy and make others happy as well. Keep being confident! <3

  7. Posted by melaninhue, — Reply

    it makes me so sad how many little girls are in these comments looking for weight loss recipes because society has made them feel bad for how they look. you should be focused on enjoying the time you have left with the freedom to do anything you want, not worrying about your body or what others think of you. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. YOUR BODY IS PERFECT. don’t let anyone tell you the opposite. 💕

  8. Posted by madeleinet0221, — Reply

    I’m a 12 year old girl but I feel fat I’m 94 lbs that’s really overweight thanks so much for this

  9. Posted by Maisie1Ackling, — Reply

    Why are you all so young I’m 16 really don’t like my weight. Most of you ain’t even teenagers 😂

  10. Posted by nataliebiehn, — Reply

    You are beautiful just the way you are. Don’t be worrying about your weight your still growing. 💕

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