27 People Who Are Oddly Specific In What They Want.


This stuff is far too accurate.


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    No because you cut your hair off so the DNA won't be on it, it's just the roots of the hair that have the dna I think. So unless your planning to rip each strand out, I think your ok 👍 edit; thank u all for the likes, also to anyone saying I'm wrong lol, this is a complete guess and I am not the right person to ask, if ur curious I recommend googling it or looking at the other replies on this comment bcs some people have got the facts I don't 😂 edit 2; holy shit that is a lot of likes, tysm

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    12 year olds are actually way smarter than you think. They're not little kids. They learn pretty advanced things at school and many are politically aware.

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    Locks of love is a scam don't donate to them. My sister did years ago and she found out it goes to cancer patients but Locks charges a very large fee on top of the patients having to pay for their treatments which is terrible.

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    Ha! Me, when I was 8 I stared watching murder shows and my sisters always bring up the time I looked at this really tall building and said I wonder if anyone’s ever committed suicide ofc of that...that was when I was 9

  5. Posted by levymartin5256, — Reply

    OMG, my 4th grade teacher was leaving the school so we made a card with all our fingerprints in it and it names, And i didn’t do it because what if she committed a crime and she had a list of fingerprints to use 😂💀 I WAS 9 WHAT THE HECKKK

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    These r very normal thoughts for a 12 years old. I worry about if someone kills somebody and my fingerprints r found at the scene bc I went there. I turn 12 next month UPDATE: I am 12 now

  7. Posted by NathanielStapleton, — Reply

    All these people answering like “no sweety that wouldn’t happen” and not thinking “this girl is 12 and making me sweat from fear and curiosity!”🤯

  8. Posted by yourbiggestdisappointment, — Reply

    The doner might live in a different state or even have an alibi. Then they would find out who bought her wig and then convict them if they had enough evidence

  9. Posted by rockafellaj, — Reply

    Tell her no the DNA is only in the roots. HOWEVER: Hair strand analysis is still accepted in many courts so should she be a suspect they may compare hair samples as evidence even though it's questionable science at best.

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    But I think about ways that u could break into places and how to murder people. But don't worry I never have felt like hurting people,or stealing

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