25 Relationship Rules to Rekindle Your Passion


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  1. Posted by carolinemcbrierrichardson, — Reply

    Remember reading this before Thought you getting better? No need to apologise to any one. You not well. Get it through into that exquisite brain of yours. I worry about you. You know do xx

  2. Posted by wellimamistake, — Reply

    I felt this on a personal level. I kept myself from going places because of my anxiety and I would always say I was busy. I’m not like that anymore. Things will get better I promise.

  3. Posted by emermurray10, — Reply

    I don't know how long I will be able to keep telling people that I am busy, I am tired of covering up the truth. But I have to cos they would not understand anyway, though they think they would. My whole life is about anxiety, 24/7....and the world thinks I am moody. I'm not moody, I am suffering deep inside

  4. Posted by calliemarie2025, — Reply

    I had bad anxiety a few months ago then it started getting better and I thought the worst of it was over but now it's coming back 😣

  5. Posted by awarwick90, — Reply

    This is exactly how I am :( and I've lost my cousin my bestie to feeling and coping like this the way I do I have depression and anxiety I just wish that some would understand... Life is not always easy we deal with it with how we deal with it we try not to hurt others but yet it seems like we still do

  6. Posted by diana51670, — Reply

    I feel this quite often. Too bad there isn’t a way to legally turn off our thoughts.

  7. Posted by 25aperez2607, — Reply

    i started crying reading this it hit so deep

  8. Posted by ccherfan0, — Reply

    I felt that on so many different levels 😶😶🥺

  9. Posted by thecowpatch, — Reply

    Then you didn’t lie!

  10. Posted by maihataimur, — Reply

    Stay strong ❤️

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