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  1. Posted by secondcorinthfivenine, — Reply

    Ok. Does this make sense to anyone? I don’t want my boyfriend to be my best friend. I feel like i’d be replacing my actual best friend rn who’s a girl. Idk maybe just me

  2. Posted by athletic_bookworm22, — Reply

    hey!! before you keep scrolling, this is NOT self-promo, but if anyone ever needs to talk about ANYTHING (crushes, moving, family, anxiety, etc) just dm me😊 i love helping people out and giving people advice!! stay safe everyone🌸💕

  3. Posted by elizabethroberts0394, — Reply

    90% of people marry their 7th grade crush. Since you are reading this get good news tonight post this on 9 other posts or the worst week of your life starts now. In 53 min you crush will realize that they love you

  4. Posted by neomigroth, — Reply

    90% of people marry their 7th grade crush. Since your reading this get food news tonight post this on 9other posts or the worst week of your life starts now. In 53 minutes, your crush will realize they love you.

  5. Posted by Acloset2006, — Reply

    I may have found the perfect guy but sorry to yall he's mine. He's my bestfriend we share everything he shows me of to his mates. He makes my jaw hurt all the time.

  6. Posted by chloej0608, — Reply

    Bruh, every time I see my crush, or when he texts me, or when we talk, my heart freakin stops for like 3 seconds and it gets hard to breathe sometimes and I can’t even talk normally😂

  7. Posted by Reyse729, — Reply

    is it just me or am i the only one who doesn’t have snapchat and it’s not bc i’m young it’s just my parents have weird rules and don’t want me to so i feel like i will never be able to meet anyone 🤷🏼‍♀️

  8. Posted by Constantly_fangirling_31, — Reply

    Ok. I want someone (in the future) to be my Percy, so I can be his Annabeth. I want him to read books, listen to the bands and kind of music I like and act like we’re best friends. Actually, I want a BFF like that. Anyway, as long as there is no one like that, I can continue the “mentally dating” with fictional characters and band members....

  9. Posted by BananaGaming04, — Reply

    Everything from line 1-6 is already me and my crush lol. I’m so confused now.. I’m starting to think he may like me but prolly not idk

  10. Posted by larissacrandall, — Reply

    I feel this to a whole new level my I can’t date until I’m 16 and I’m supposed to group date even then and I’m ok with it but people say if I could date I’d have had a lot of bf’s but I don’t and sometimes I agree other times I don’t. I’d would like this because it would be cool to know if anyone would actually fall for someone like me

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