22 Coronavirus Memes That Internet Made For Fun


22 Coronavirus Memes show the people's funny side at Corona virus quarantine period.


  1. Posted by lonemanticore, — Reply

    Actually I'm an inside insect but now Im starting to hate this cause everyone is in the house and i cant have a private time.... Now because everyone is inside i want to go outside

  2. Posted by phelps20abbey, — Reply

    For the people who are saying that this picture isn’t accurately showing Anna and Elsa’s personality, calm the f*** down. It’s just a meme 😂

  3. Posted by laurelbeedesign, — Reply

    ok, no. most of us are stuck inside with other people (family, roomates, Ect.) so we are having are hard time enjoying this because people are in what we think of as our space, even though they live there

  4. Posted by marzanaespenscheid, — Reply

    I’m an ambivert. I enjoy staying inside, but also I can’t stay inside with my family for too long. I need to have some kind of outside human interaction every once in a while.

  5. Posted by miac0526, — Reply

    It’s ironic bc Ana is the one literally making entire songs about how she wants to go outside and Elsas like I’m not going outside tf 😭

  6. Posted by neednocreamtoscream, — Reply

    im fine with not going to school or do anything but i have a certain energy bar of alone time that when it fills up i get super depressed and antsy to hang out with friends

  7. Posted by peppylemon4, — Reply

    I think I’m the only person enjoin myself. I wouldn’t call myself an introvert or extrovert I’m pretty sure I’m in between. It’s not like I’m bored a lot at my house. I do my school work then I paint/draw or sew or make tik toks. I’m also comfortable just being with my parents all day. I still talk to my friends but I’m fine hanging out with myself.

  8. Posted by Heyo911, — Reply

    Would be nice if the government did shut down the state for 30 days here in Florida. Force the people to stop ignoring CDC guidelines.

  9. Posted by Sat0riTend0, — Reply

    This is depressing. I as an introvert, have other introverted friends. I can’t see my favorite idiot because of this stupid no school thing. I miss my idiot.

  10. Posted by BLo_CharIotte, — Reply

    Quarantine is depressing and THE GREATEST THING THAT EVER DID BE. I can't believe I will have to interact with people when this is over.

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