16 People Who Messed Up Badly, But They Have A Funny Story At Least


You're legally required to say "oof" or "yikes" after each of these.


  1. Posted by Shadowhunter2156, — Reply

    Oh my god sitting in disabled seating isn’t going to make your hYpErTeNsIoN-rIdDlEd LiFe any easier, dipshit. Just take a normal seat and suck up the fact that you’re a pretentious idiot

  2. Posted by trashmantobytheraccoon, — Reply

    Wtf? If he felt as though he should sit in that seat, he should've asked her if he could sit there (and understood if she said no). Trying to physically remove someone from a seat and yelling at them is crossing a line.

  3. Posted by gracefulolivetree, — Reply

    what I have learned from this: if someone trys to physically remove you from a disabled seat because "I need it more than you do", they arn't really disabled and just want an excuse to fight

  4. Posted by imcassieee, — Reply

    Guy: you're so pathetic just get up Also guy: my ankles hurtttt let me sit there

  5. Posted by shadowside707, — Reply

    middle aged white men are worse than a karen

  6. Posted by marinac24289, — Reply

    I would have started to hit him with the leg if he didn’t shut up. That would be my advice.

  7. Posted by skyefowler2006, — Reply

    hahaha that’s NOT OKAY

  8. Posted by darlyndimayuga, — Reply

    Cinder is that you?

  9. Posted by 19libbyj, — Reply

    An icon

  10. Posted by Karma_isa_Bitch, — Reply

    I should NOT have laughed omg XD

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